The Next Generation Multi-Zone Collision Warning System

Collision Sentry® Multi-Zone

Collision protection wherever you need it

 Collision Sentry Multi-Zone is the nest generation collision warning system that expands the possibilities for preventing collisions in multiple areas. Like the Collision Sentry® Corner Pro, the Multi-Zone creates a safer work environment by reducing or eliminating blind spot collisions.

The difference with the Multi-Zone is that it extends collision protection beyond 90-degree corners. The fact is that not all blind spots are at corner intersections. The Multi-Zone gives you the flexibility to define the conflict zones in your facility that need protection.


How it works

  • Two units communicate with each other wirelessly by way of Bluetooth Low Energy radio.
  • Communication indicator verifies both units are talking to each other.
  • Mount the units in any two places where there are conditions for potential collision. (each side of a passageway between buildings, inside and outside of an exterior door, etc.) The two units act as one.


  • Standard D-Cell batteries (included).
  • No additional wiring or electricity needed.
  • Units are portable and easily relocated.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Battery life depends on usage.
    • Testing shows – at one alarm/minute at room temperature batteries are expected to last 4 years.
    • At -20°, with 55 alarms/minute, battery life expected to be 4 months.


  • Units are factory pre-set.
  • Attach magnetically or mechanically to walls and other substrates.
  • Optimal installation height – 7’ – 9’ (2.13 m to 2.74 m) from the floor.

Field of Vision

  • Adjustable for each sensor to range from 50 degrees to 134 degrees.
  • Depending on the layout of the facility, the range of distance separating the two units can be up to 100 feet (30.48 meters).

Single-Zone Option

Sometimes you just need to know what’s ahead of you. There are areas in facilities where large objects are part of the structure, and you need to know when you are approaching or passing by. In this case, the Multi-Zone can be adjusted to Single-Zone mode where each unit operates independently of the other. In Single-Zone mode the unit generates an alert when a single sensor device detects motion.

Activate Single-Zone Option

  1. Open the battery box on the back of the first unit to access the switch box.
  2. Flip DIP switch #4 to the ON position. The unit will then go through an initial warm-up period.
  3. Once the warm-up period is complete, the status LED on the right will begin to blink yellow once per second.
  4. This indicates the unit is in Single Zone mode.


  • When you change one unit to Single-Zone mode, its pair will go into Failsafe Alert. This is because the device in Single-Zone mode stops communicating with its pair.
  • To stop the Failsafe Alert, you will need to change the second unit to single zone mode as well.
  • That means again accessing the switch box and flipping DIP switch #4 to the ON position.
  • The units now operate independently of each other and can be placed where needed.

Change back to Multi-Zone

To re-enable the Multi-Zone feature, simply change switch #4 in both units to the OFF position.

The units will go through the normal start-up sequence.