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World's First Effective Bump-N-Go Collision Protectors

Featuring the Park Sentry Square, Round and Wall System

Park Sentry® parking collision protectors provide a new, attractive way to add a layer of effective protection around parking structure columns.  These parking collision protectors add a soft, scratch-resistant layer of protection around concrete columns, protecting both columns and vehicles from collision damage.  Easily applied with few or no tools, Park Sentry® increases the visibility of the column to help avoid collisions altogether with parking lot structures.  With these parking collision protectors installed, vehicles can confidently park closer to the columns, virtually expanding the usable parking space.

Molded from a thin layer of specifically engineered ARPRO® material, Park Sentry buffers the column with scratch-free padding. The parking collision protectors can be customized to fit any square, rectangular, or round industrial concrete column. Ideal for car-park applications because it maximizes protection without sacrificing parking space.  Park Sentry covers the "splash zone" preventing corrosion from road salts and debris. 

System Features:

  • Formed of specifically engineered ARPRO® material
  • thin profile installation doesn't add much to column footprint
  • Belt recess creates seamless appearance
  • Easily modified to fit any sized square, rectangular, or round industrial column
  • Oil, chemical, water and flame resistant
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Available in 2 standard colors: Yellow and Black  
  • Installed easily with reflective straps with closures

Client Testimonials

"My first impression was, these things are not going to work. We had tried 3 other products to cover our columns, but nothing worked. But the Park Sentry not only looked good in place, they really worked. We have outfitted half our columns so far and we have plans to do the other half."

Park Sentry Square

park sentry sqarePark Sentry® Square is designed to fit around any sized 4-sided column, square or rectangular.  Park Sentry Square is a modular column padding product, made of a combination of corner pieces and flat panels that fit together for a seamless installation.  The components fit together with (included) interlocking keys and can be cut to fit smaller columns, or extra panels can be added to fit larger columns. 

Integrated cutting grooves are spaced every 40mm (1.6") for easy sizing. Park Sentry Square panels are thin, only 40mm (1.6") thick, adding little to the column's footprint.  The corner pieces add thickness where it is needed to absorb heavier blows - the corners are 55mm (2.2").  The park column padding product is designed to double a typical auto bumper's ability to protect from collisions. 

Park Sentry Square is available in standard high visibility yellow or economical black or the components can be combined to create a high contrast installation.  The park column padding product is secured to the column using adjustable reflective straps.  For extra security Sentry's locking buckles can be added.

Park Sentry Round

Park Sentry RoundPark Sentry® Round gives new shape to the Park Sentry lineup of parking protectors.  The new round column protector product is designed to fit around virtually any sized round column, from small to extra large.  Park Sentry Round is easily wrapped around columns and can be cut for smaller columns or extended for larger ones.  The integrated tab and slot system allows the product to be linked together and cut exactly where needed to fit exactly around the column.

Park Sentry round is 34mm (1-1/3") thick and can be installed in single or multiple layers to increase the collision absorption to meet the need. The round column parking protector is available in two standard colors: yellow and black. Park Sentry round is easily installed by wrapping the flexible panels around the column.  Panels are sized to fit by cutting, using the cutting guides spaced ever 1" (26mm) on the face of the panel. 

Multiple panels are connected using the integrated tab and slot system.  The entire round column parking protectors’ installation is secured using adjustable reflective cinch straps installed into the belt recesses on the panel.  Optionally, Sentry's exclusive "Strap-locking buckle" can be used to secure the straps around the round column permanently.

Park Sentry Wall System

A tough layer of protection for walls vulnerable to vehicle collision

park sentry wall systemThe Park Sentry Wall System is a way to utilize the impact-absorbing properties of our Park Sentry Round panels against a variety of flat walls.  Park Sentry absorbs the impact of collisions without scratching painted finishes.  

The wall system is attached above and below the "bumper zone," meaning no fasteners to scrape the vehicle.  Park Sentry is made of lightweight, energy-absorbing ARPRO®, the same material used in automobile bumpers.  

Park Sentry Wall system is an easy-to-install barrier meant to reduce the cost of vehicle collisions while providing a highly visible, attractive appearance.


Park Sentry Sizes

Park Sentry Yellow "Kit"

park sentry yellow kitPark Sentry is a modular product: this means you can cover any sized 4-sided column. Our standard KIT includes everything you see in the photo: 4 corners, 4 panels, 8 interlocking keys, and a set of straps - this perfectly fits a 24"x24" (610x610mm) square column. Alternatively you can purchase individual parts to make whatever size you want.

PSC-060-Y Yellow CornersPSC-060-Y Yellow Corners are 1m (39.3") tall x 55mm (2.15") thick and extend 85mm (3.35") from the corner. Corners ship 4/carton and include the necessary interlocking keys.

PSP-050-Y Yellow PanelPSP-050-Y Yellow Panel: 440mm(17.25")x1m (39.3")x40mm(1.6"). Planks ship 4/carton and include the necessary interlocking keys

PSC-060-B Black CornersPSC-060-B Black Corners are 1m (39.3") tall x 55mm (2.15") thick and extend 85mm (3.35") from the corner. Corners ship 4/carton and include the necessary interlocking keys

PSP-050-B Black PlankPSP-050-B Black Plank is 440mm (17.25") wide x 1m (39.3") wide x 45mm (1.6") thick. Planks ship 4/carton and include the necessary interlocking keys

Park Sentry Round sizePark Sentry Round is shipped flat. Each panel is 34mm (1-1/3") thick, 702mm (27.6") wide, and 1m (39.3") tall. 3 panels wrap exactly around a 610mm (24") diameter round column.For smaller columns, fewer panels are needed; for larger columns, panels can be added.

Park Sentry round can be installed in layers to give increasing amounts of column protection. Check with us to size the exact number of panels needed to wrap around your particular columnPark Sentry round is available in either yellow or black.


Park Sentry Wall System Park Sentry Wall System is created by using Park Sentry Round panels. These panels are 1 meter (39.3") tall, and are 702mm (27.65") wide per panel. Each wall clip is 1410mm (55.5") so it spans 2 panels. This means each carton of wall channel will install 12 panels (4 cartons) of Park Sentry Round panels and will cover 8.4 meters (about 27'6") of wall.

Wall Calculation: (in inches): The length of the wall, divided by 27.67 = # of panels needed. # panels divided by 3 = cartons of panels Length of the wall, divided by 27.67" = # wall clips needed (top and bottom included). # Clips divided by 12 = cartons of clips

Park Sentry Accessories

Strap-Locking Buckle

Park Sentry Strap Locking BuckleThe Strap-Locking Buckle option for the Park Sentry parking protector gives the added security of a strap that can't come off. This buckle looks and functions just like a typical cinch-buckle, adjusting the length of the strap to fit the exact size of your parking protector installation. The Strap-Locking Buckle then snaps shut, making it difficult, if not impossible, to remove the strap without cutting through. This "vandal-resistant" technology is available on black reflective Park Sentry straps beginning in August. 

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