Impact resistant and collision awareness equipment for use in commercial environments

Sentry introduces a new concept in Collision Warning Systems at ProMat 2023

Collision Sentry® Multi-Zone

The Collision Sentry® Multi-Zone – the next generation of collision warning systems – made its debut on opening day of ProMat 2023. The Collision Sentry Multi-Zone expands the possibilities for preventing collisions in multiple areas – not just corner intersections. The Multi-Zone features two units that communicate with each other wirelessly. These units can be mounted in any two zones where there are conditions for a potential collision. The two units acts as one and if both see motion, meaning a possible collision, both flash an audio and visual warning.

The Collision Sentry Multi-Zone is self-powered, easily installed, highly visible, and reliable. The Multi-Zone is expected to be widely available mid-year.

Collision Warning Systems

Equipment designed to create a safer working environment in the industrial buildings where forklift traffic and pedestrian traffic intersect.

Industrial Impact Protection

Impact resistant products for industrial applications, manufactured to offer the most complete impact protection for columns, racks and corners in warehouses, material handling and manufacturing facilities.

Parking Impact Protection

Impact resistant products for parking facilities, specifically designed to add a layer of effective protection around parking structure columns, support structures and walls.

Forklift Safety Products

Sentry Protection Products has a great line of unique and effective forklift protection products, which include GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors, mats, caps cushions.

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