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Impact resistant and collision awareness equipment for use in commercial environments
Collision Warning Systems
Equipment designed to create a safer working environment in the industrial buildings where forklift traffic and pedestrian traffic intersect.
Collision Sentry Corner Pro
Industrial Protection
Products manufactured to offer the most complete impact protection for columns, racks and corners in warehouses and material handling facilities.
Column Sentry FIT Column Sentry Rack Sentry Contour Rack Sentry Concrete Wrap Corner Sentry
Parking Protection
Specifically designed to add a layer of effective protection around parking structures columns.
Park Sentry Square Park Sentry Round Park Sentry Wall System Guard Post

Complete protection. Quality engineered. Tested and proven.

Sentry to Feature Genie Grips Products

Sentry Protection Products manufactures state of the art impact resistant equipment and collision warning systems for commercial and industrial environments. Sentry's column guard products offer comprehensive impact resistance for concrete columns, corners and racks. Minimizing the force of impact from vehicles, equipment, materials and people. For high traffic pedestrian and equipment intersections Sentry offers the Collision Sentry, a collision warning system designed to handle intense work-place environments.

Always on guard