Custom fitting Park Sentry is very easy. Simply measure the column and size the planks to fit the column. The vertical ribs act as cutting guides and help to visually blend any transition between pieces. For columns greater than 24″ (61cm), extra planks can be used to add length. Each plank adds 17.25″(44cm) in length, or can be custom-cut to match your dimensions.

Install Park Sentry around column. Using the included key-locks, corners and planks are connected and placed around the column Corners and planks fit together seamlessly Recessed grommet holes within the belt recesses on each piece allow for optional mechanical installation – hidden by the reflective straps.

Strap down for a finished appearance. The reflective straps tighten easily and create a seamless appearance around the column. The straps provide a contrasting color to make the column more visible Any excess strap length can be cut and/or tucked back behind the strap for a neat appearance.