Column Sentry® FIT Extension KIT

Measurable, adjustable, expandable.

The Column Sentry FIT Extension KIT is designed to add size to the Column Sentry FIT system, allowing it to accommodate larger and odd sized columns. In cases where a standard sized column protector is not enough, the FIT Extension KIT is a “go-to” solution.


How it works

  • Extension pieces interlock with the pieces of the original column protector to create a seamless fit.
  • Each extension adds 10” to protection coverage.
  • By adding one extension piece to each side of the column protector, a 4” x 4” Column Sentry FIT Small becomes a 14” x 14” column protector.
  • Multiple extension pieces can be added as needed.


  • Spread the four sides of the FIT Small apart and interlock the extension pieces like pieces of a puzzle.
  • Push the sides back together for a custom fit.
  • Secure the column protector to the column using the VELCRO® straps included with the kit.


  • Manufactured with ARPRO®, a high-tech material specifically engineered to absorb impact.
  • VELCRO® straps


  • Currently tested for use on solid columns only.
  • Adding extension pieces to FIT Small does not compromise corner protection.
  • FIT Extension KIT is designed specifically for the Column Sentry FIT – Small
  • FIT Extension KIT includes 4 extension pieces (10” x 6” x 42”) and 2 sets of 2” x 72” straps.