Collision Sentry Corner Pro


Collision Sentry Installation

Installation of Collision Sentry Corner Pro is very easy. It comes with everything needed to mount onto any metallic corner such as a pallet rack. Simply remove the battery tab to arm the product and it is ready to snap onto the corner. The product will blink for about 30 seconds while it acclimates to its environment. Once this is done, it is ready to use.

The LED lights will begin blinking as the device becomes oriented to the environment. During this warm-up period, the blue low battery indicator also flashes.

Collision Detection Rack Mounting Mounting on the rack is just as easy. The integrated mounting magnets will hold the product in place - simply position where the product is needed and snap onto the metallic corner. An optional tether is included in case the product is knocked from its magnet mounts.
Collision Detection Motion Sensors

How it works: When the motion sensors "see" movement on BOTH sides of the corner, indicating a possible collision, the lights flash and audios a one-two punch, warning of this possible collision. The lights and sound will continue to react until 3 seconds after the motion discontinues.