Sentry Protection Products

Impact resistant and collision awareness equipment for
use in commercial environments

No one protects your facility, equipment and people like Sentry Protection Products

Complete protection. Quality engineered. Tested and proven.

Collision Warning Systems

Equipment designed to create a safer working environment in industrial buildings where forklift traffic and pedestrian traffic intersect.

Collision Sentry® - reduces or eliminates "blind corner" collisions in industrial settings. Using infrared motion detectors to "see" around blind corners, Collision Sentry sends a warning to forklift drivers and pedestrians when there is motion on both sides of the corner.

Industrial Protection

Products manufactured to offer the most complete impact protection for columns, racks and corners in warehouses and material handling facilities.

Column Sentry® - minimizes the force of tow motor impact that can damage columns, surrounding supports, vehicles and operators.

Rack Sentry® - virtually eliminates rack damage by absorbing the force of tow motor impact that can damage the structural integrity of your racks and floors.

Corner Sentry™ - adds a protective layer to vulnerable industrial corners. The flexible EVA shield absorbs impact and guards both the corner and the vehicle.

Concrete Wrap™ - surrounds concrete columns with a blanket of protection that cushions the blow from car, truck and tow motor impact.

Parking Protection

Specifically designed to add a layer of effective protection around parking structure columns.

Park Sentry® Square - is designed to fit around any sized 4-sided square or rectangular column.

Park Sentry® Round - wraps around any sized round column, from small to extra-large, protecting both columns and vehicles from collision damage.

Park Sentry® Wall System - forms a comprehensive damage reduction system that virtually fits any size wall and adheres to the space using pre-mounted clips.

Guard Post ™ - offering an attractive, versatile and visible way to manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic.