Column Sentry FE

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Column Sentry® FE is a column padding created from low-density polyethylene, specifically designed for situations where a standard Column Sentry® would cover up important items mounted on the face of the column. Column Sentry® FE is a special version of the Column Sentry product outfitted with a cutout designed to allow and protect items mounted on the column. This cutout is 10" (25cm) wide by 8" (20cm) deep, resulting in a height of 34" at the cutout. FE stands for Fire Extinguisher, and this was the original purpose for this product. Customers needed to mount a fire extinguisher on the column, but because of OSHA regulations, could not mount this above the protector. The cutout solution worked so well, it soon became popular where any types of item, such as electrical boxes or outlets, were mounted to the face of the column.

Recently we have found that many customers are asking for the Column Sentry FE low-density polyethylene padding product to be made in red. This is an excellent way to not only protect the fire extinguishers on the column, but also to designate certain ones as having a fire extinguisher at that location. As you can see from the photo, the red Column Sentry FE designates the location of the fire extinguisher at that location. Other columns in this installation contain standard yellow Column Sentry column padding products. In a fire or emergency situation, it would be very easy to find the location of fire extinguisher equipment in this facility.

The Column Sentry® FE product is available in both the 8"x8" and the 12"x12" size. The product is installed in the same manner as the standard Column Sentry® products. The cutout within the low-density polyethylene column padding does not affect the location or the function of the hook & loop straps. Purchasing this product in red does not affect the price, but may delay shipment.