Column Sentry

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Column Sentry Cap Tops for Column Protectors Column Sentry Cap

The Column Sentry Cap adds a sloped top to any sized Column Sentry industrial wall bumper. The Multi-sized cap comes in a standard size with templates for most of our Medium sized (24"/610mm) o.d. sizes. Simply cut along the template and use the included fasteners to wrap around your column creating a cone shaped cap on top of the Column Sentry industrial wall bumper.

The product is shipped in cartons of four in the standard Column Sentry yellow.  Other sizes and colors are available, but minimums and upcharges may apply.

Column Sentry Cap for Column Protectors Column Sentry Cap

This photo shows the Column Sentry Cap in its flat form and what it looks like with fasteners.  The multiple template lines show where to cut for standard Column Sentry wall bumper sizes; optionally cut at any size desired. 

Sentry Cinch Straps Column Sentry Straps

Column Sentry products are installed by wrapping 2" (50mm) nylon weave straps around and fastening by hook and loop closure.  

Replacement straps are available in any size (S,M,L,XL) with hook and loop closures.

In addition, for those wishing a more secure closure for the wall bumper, cinch-straps are available.