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Sentry Guard Post (re)Introduced

At one time we offered a temporary visibility bollard called Sentry Guard Post.  This product was something we bought from another company, not a product we designed or produced.  We sold several hundred of these products before ceasing sales some time ago.

Due to customer requests, we have re-introduced the product as a Sentry designed and produced product, with some significant improvements to the quality and features.  These include: wider, tapered base to increase stability; snap-on top to give easy access inside the post for storage or ballast; attachment points to work specifically with lightweight plastic chain; improved grommets on the base to allow mechanical attachment.  The new product is a great way to add visibility, attach signs, or create a traffic channel.  It is a very attractive alternative to using cheap construction style markers with caution tape.  It is available immediately in standard yellow or can be done in a variety of colors and finishes. Sentry sells lightweight plastic chain to go along with the Guard Post too.